Saracen Horse Feeds are very excited to introduce a truly unique new product to the range. Re-Covery Mash is the result of many years research and development, and the very first targeted feed to support the re-hydration and RE-COVERY of horses following intensive training and performance, exertion, travel, convalescing and during periods of warm weather.

Features & Benefits:Recovery Mash small Render

  • Electrolyte Inclusion
  • Formulated on “Super-Fibres” to support hind gut health
  • Low Starch, Low Sugar Formulation
  • Feed alongside any diet, as and when needed
  • Live yeast to support gut flora and stabilise the pH of the gut
  • Vitamin E to support normal muscle function and recovery
  • Quality proteins to support cell, tissue and muscle repair
  • Quick Soak
  • Banana flavour to tempt the fussiest of feeders

Re-Covery Mash is an essential, stand alone, product to use as and when needed, without disturbing the horses normal feed routine. It does not contain vitamins and minerals so will not cause a nutritional imbalance. The mash can be strategically fed post performance, or exertion, after travelling, during periods of warm weather, or when sick or convalescing.


Horses are sensitive to dehydration; on average they drink between 5-15 gallons of water a day which can be affected when travelling or competing. Re-Covery mash will support fluid intake of the working, sick or performance horse to ensure they stay hydrated.

Did you know – Early signs of de-hydration include a reduced thirst response.

horse water


Electrolytes maintain the correct balance of fluid in the body and are essential in muscle contractions, nerve functions and digestion. Re-Covery mash contains sodium and chloride to replenish lost body salts and help regulate the thirst response in the horse.


Horse that are under ‘stress’ require higher levels of quality proteins to support cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair as well as supporting muscle development and immune response. RE-COVERY Mash supports repair when fed in conjunction with a fully balanced diet.



The mash includes one of the most important antioxidants known as Vitamin E which supports normal muscle recovery and immune function. RE-COVERY Mash contains 500 iu per KG of Vitamin E.


RE-COVERY Mash is founded on a base of “Super-Fibres” to offer ‘safe energy’ sources to support energy renewal whilst maintaining optimal digestive health. This is important for sick or competing horses whose fibre intake may be compromised.



A full inclusion of live yeast (2.5x1010 cfu/KG) is included in the low starch (10%), low sugar (6%) mash to help support gut flora and stabilise the optimum pH level of the hindgut.


No vitamins or minerals are included in the mash as it is designed to complement the horses normal feeding regime without causing nutritional imbalance. Rich in “Super-Fibres”, quality proteins and electrolytes the quick soak mash, palatable can be fed, as and when needed, without disturbing the horses normal feed routine.


If you have a fussy horse or would like to try the RE-COVERY Mash please fill out our 'Free Sample Form'