Fleur Leggett contacted the Feedline in February 2017 after her vet condition scored her horse, Bleuvito, as a 2 out of 5 and suggested she contact Saracen for feeding advice. Bleuvito was being fussy with his hay which was making weight gain a bit of a problem and there were some possible concerns that his immune system was weak which was not helping matters! 

Fleur spoke to Rachel who suggested feeding Saracen Conditioning Cubes alongside a good quality chaff. When Bluevito was stabled Rachel also suggested feeding a large bucket of chaff and some Super Fibre Cubes in a treat ball alongside his hay to encourage his natural browing behaviours, hopefully improving his hay intake. Bluevito did start to improve but not as quickly as we would expect so Fluer also added Equi-Jewel to the ration to boost the calories even further. 

After being on the new diet for 3 months Fleur says 'Bluevito's condition has improved massively and his ribs are no longer visable. He has a healthy shiny coat, has not fizzed up and his topline is fab. He is a different horse due to his feed and I am so grateful for the advice I have been provided with. Thank you!'

              Bluevito December 2016                                                            Bluevito May 2017


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