Janina contacted Saracen Horse Feeds via the Feed Advice Form service as she was struggling to find a feed for her mare that would support correct weight maintenance without causing excitable behaviour. Steph recommended feeding Super Fibre Cubes as the high oil and fibre content will help to support correct weight maintenance whilst providing slow release energy in the diet to help maintain a controlled energy release.    

Janina said: "Tam has a tendancy to be fairly excitable, angsty, hot and nervous. Conditioning feeds tend to be too much for her, so it is a fine balance between feeding her enough to keep the condition, but not so much that it sends her crazy." 

As Tam is inclined to be fairly excitable and nervous, and it can be difficult to keep weight on her over winter and she is also a fussy feeder. Janina had tried conditioning feeds in the past and had found that these can easily over excite Tam. 

"Tam is doing absolutely brilliantly on the Super Fibre Cubes. She is the calmest and most chilled she has ever been, but without having lost the spark for her dressage work, and the energy levels are just right for her."

"Considering she is a 19y/o TB x Arab who has always struggled to keep weight on, she has even been able to live out all winter for the first time ever and has wintered incredibly well whilst still being in full dressage work, and she looks fantastic! I was initially wondering whether the Super Fibre Cubes would be enough to keep her condition, but I should not have worried! I now have a sane horse delivering brilliant work."

"Aside from her physical appearance, it is the changes in her temperament that are most noticeable. She used to be very sharp and spooky resulting in a lot of tension and rushing. Now she is so chilled I can actually ride her in gale force winds and heavy rain without her even taking notice, and even if she does get spooked now, she is back to concentrating within seconds."

The before and after photos definately show how well Tam is looking now - You can certainly see the Saracen Shine!! 


Tam 1


Tam 3


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