The young horses thrive on it all year round, and as the work load increases with my advanced horses, and they start to require more energy, I "top-up" the balancer with a compatible compound feed such as the Enduro-100 or Re-Leve which both contain Stamm 30® so I know it is compatible.

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Stamm 30® is just fantastic. In the winter it’s the only feed I use for all the horses because I know that it provides the vitamins, minerals and quality protein that they need when they're not in full work. It saves my team a lot of time when it comes to feeding and also it saves money as I dont need a lot of concentrate feed, just good quality forage. 

My horse's coat's, hoof quality &  digestive systems are all in optimum condition and they are all a picture of  health. I really like the fact that the Stamm 30® contains antioxidants which support a healthy immune system.

I would thoroughly recommend Stamm 30® to everyone as it appeals to people who might just be happy hacking and want the assurance that their horses are getting everything they require, and professional riders too that want to "top-up" the nutrients that their horses are getting when they are in work. 

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