Kristy Simpson contacted our Feed Helpline in November 2015 for help with her horse John Joe. He was struggling with his energy levels, especially stamina, despite being fed a competition mix. This was meaning he was losing places in the show ring as she was constantly having to nag him! Kristy was advised to feed Enduro-Performance to help support optimal stamina levels from the high levels of fibre and oil in the mix. As John Joe holds his weight well it was also suggested that she 'top-up' the vitamins, minerals, quality protein and antioxidants in the ration by using Essential Balancer, as she was feeding slightly below the recommended daily intake of Enduro-Peformance. Kristy recently e-mailed in to let us know how her and John Joe are getting on. 


Just a quick email to say THANK YOU !! I have a different horse, schooling is a pleasure as he has endless energy without stupidity. His canter work has come on a treat as he now has much more power, and he’s looking really good on it too. I wish I had called you this time last year!