After talking to a Saracen Area Manager at the BD National Championships, we organised a yard visit and Nikki McGee from Saracen came out to see us.

She was extremely helpful and gave us all sorts of advice on not only the nutritional side of the feeding but also ways to integrate it with the ponies' and horse's training programmes for maximum benefit.

The result of the visit was that we changed the dressage pony onto Re-Leve, which has increased his energy levels considerably without adding any more starch to his diet, and so keeping his guts happy!

We've also changed the other dressage pony's feed, resulting in her having a noticeable increase in sustained energy during training. Her muscle tone is also improving. 

Nibeley Union Hit

My horse and my jumping pony were not previously on Saracen, but with Nicky's advice we introduced Show Improver Pencils to both of them with equally great results! The dressage horse is prone to losing a little condition, but does not need a high energy feed as she is only 6 and can be a little excitable. With the addition of Equi-Jewel to her new diet of Show Improver Cubes, she is going beautifully and retaining condition whilst staying calm.

Overall, the visit was extremely beneficial to all the ponies and horses on the yard and I am now much better informed about their feeding.