Buddy has always been a bit of a poor doer and went from a lovely weight to underweight in the space of a month, despite a plentiful feed and haylage ration. 2 weeks into his weight loss I started to add Equi-Jewel to his ration and organised the vet to come out to check what was going on, and only found mild Cushing's. Bud also has a few allergies, such as whole cereals, making traditional conditioning feeds a no go.

My local feed store thinks very highly of Saracen and suggested I contact the nutritional helpline. Saracen suggested I get rid of the balancer, give 2.5kg of Re-Leve instead and give him his bucket of speedibeet alongside his haylage instead of part of his bucket feed and keep the micronized linseed and Equi-Jewel going. Within 2 weeks he'd put on weight so I'm convinced Re-Leve is magic!

6 weeks in he looks like the horse I remember him being as my superstar showjumping six year old! He's now coming up to 17 and has a funny barrell shape due to his cushings, but we have a terrific topline, a healthy weight, no reactions, a great attitude to his work still and he seems to love the blackcurrant flavour. I've never been this impressed with a feed and will be keeping Buddy on it all year now!