I contacted Saracen back in July for some feeding advice as I had previously been feeding Roxy a very limited amount of feed as she is a good doer which did have good results with holding the weight off but she totally lacked energy, stamina and sparkle. 

In January I looked at the Saracen website and followed the easy to use product finder and within two weeks I started using the Saracen ‘Shape-Up’ balancer and slim chaff. The results were fab and because her work load was limited due to weather and my working hours she managed to keep the weight off.

In March as part of the ‘yahooligans’ team participating in British Dressage new event called ‘Team Quest’ with her work load increasing I started noticing that her energy levels were dropping and although she is a genuine trier she really did lack ‘sparkle’. In July I filled out the online form for advice and I received a well-informed email back from Rachel with a couple of suggested diets (either swapping from Shape-Up to Sport Horse Pencils or adding a small amount of Enduro-100 to the Shape-Up). I now use the ‘Enduro 100’ as an additional ration in her feed which encourages a calm energy which has certainly improved her stamina. I recently competed where the Judge passed  fantastic comments on to us with how Roxy had improved. I also changed her to an alfalfa based chaff which has helped in her chew process and encouraged salivation. I found the information I received informative and very helpful and I know that I can send an email to Rachel and get a quick response back. 

I now have a flexible approach to her feeding which allows her to have the correct amount of nutrition without her carrying excess weight and when needed I can add the energy for her to carry out the work required.

Tracey Davies - Roxy - Trotting

Tracey Davies - Roxy - Jumping Aug 14