Rachel contacted Saracen in November 2015 as she had moved to a new area and was having trouble finding a stockist for Saracen products. She had swapped to another brand of feed but had noticed that her horse, Mojo, was starting to lose condition and his stamina levels were not as good as they had been previously. Rachel was put in touch with Sarah Rushby, her Area Manager, who found her a local stockist and she also recived some feeding advice from Rachel in the nutrition department. Recently she got back in touch to let us know how Mojo has been doing over the winter. 

I contacted Saracen as I was having problems to get my fussy thoroughbred to eat his feeds. With him already being a poor doer, not eating was making it really hard to put weight on him. I had used Show Improver Mix in the past with good results and was adviced to put him back on this feed. Since the change in feed Mojo has put weight on and managed to maintain it (even in winter).  He has also developed an amazing topline and impressive hamstrings.  He has stopped having his fizzy thoroughbred moments, whilst at the same time having much more energy and stamina when being worked.
I would like to thank the amazing support I have received from Saracen Horse Feeds.  I have nothing but nice things to say about their service and feed.  When I originally contacted Rachel, thanking her for her help; she replied saying it was down to the correct work and care that I had put into my horse as well as the correct nutrition.  This was when I knew team Saracen cared: they were supporting me in fueling my horse and were willing to put the time in to help me achieve my goal and get my horse into some low level eventing.  I even have the option of more than one mix; with my horse being so fussy I can now rotate between Conditioning Mix and Show Improver Mix which keeps him interested in his feed.  Both fantastic conditioning feeds with the addition of  yeast in the Show Improver Mix for efficient gut function.
Mojo End of 2013
 Mojo March 2016
Rachel and Mojo in action!