When Angharad Fisher bought her horse Tullyraine in December 2016 he had not long been out of racing and still looked 'racing fit' He was living out at grass and Angharad was keen to build condition and encourage weight gain whilst avoiding any 'fizzyness'

Angharad phoned the Nutrition Helpline and spoke to Rachel who advised feeding Show Improver Cubes to provide Tully with a good level of calories from fibre and oil as opposed to cereals. In addition the Show Improver Cubes contain added yeast to hep support optimal hindgut health. 

Angharad contacted Rachel in March 2017 to let her know how Tully has been getting on with his new diet...

'Within the first few weeks of feeding Saracen I started to see a change. Tully started to build topline a lot quicker adding to his overall condition. Most importantly his temperament hasn't changed at all!

I combined the feeding advice I recieved with lots of road work, schooling in moderation and hours of strapping and grooming! After many years showing, I bought Tully to retrain and enjoy. I am looking forward to competing in a few shows, aiming for the ROR challenge classes and turning my hand to other disciplines' 

Comparison photos of Tully from 1st December 2016 to 18th March 2017

Tully enjoying his schooling

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