In 2014 Annette Perry contacted Saracen Horse Feeds via the Feed Advice Form service to get some nutritional advice for her horse Muffin. Annette has stayed in regular contact with us and has recently updated us on how well Muffin is getting on.

Muffin is a Exmoor and being a native pony he is a naturally good doer, and struggles with his energy levels. Muffin works hard but doesn't suit high starch feeds so Annette was looking for something that would provide him with a balanced diet that would also provide some additional energy in the diet to support the work that Muffin does. 

Annette was advised to use a two-part feeding system consisting of a combination of Shape-Up and Enduro-Performance so that she could tailor the calorie (energy) intake with Muffin's energy levels whilst also being able to manage his weight effectivley. 

"Since starting Muffin on Shape-Up and Enduro-Performance I have managed to control his weight and increase his fitness. He looks and feels great when ridden, his coat shines and he is not shod. Muffin is 19 years young and we get lots of comments when out on how well he looks. His stamina has improved and he does not struggle to keep up with his bigger friends."

Annette and Muffin compete at British Dressage Prelim Level and have this year started Novice along with competing in Showing classes and participating in Endurance/ Pleasure Rides. 

"Muffin was the only Exmoor last year at the BD Native Championships and also at the UK Riders Nationals. We have qualified for the 15+ Veteran Championships in August at Equifest and the 15+ Dressage Champs at Sheepgate in October. Last year at Equifest Muffin won the Exmoor In-hand Gelding class at the age of 18 and we went to our first BD Area Festival and have already qualified for the BD Veteran Champs and BD Native Champs this year. We also go on Endurance/ Pleasure Rides and completed a 15 mile ride in 3 hours earlier this year. We are going to do the Newmarket Ride in September which is 20 miles and you must gallop on the gallops so that should be fun! Muffin does not act his age and loves life thanks to being fed on your great feeds."

Its lovely to hear how well Annette and Muffin are getting on and he certainly doesn't look 19!

Annette Perry Muffin Jan 2016

Muffin 2016


Muffin July 2017

Muffin 2017


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