Tracy contacted Steph who she had spoken to on the nutritional advice line at the start of March to update her on Meghan's progress and this is what she had to say:

"Following a recent diagnosis of chronic gastric ulcers, I had to radically alter my mare's diet. I had tried endless different options, all of which she refused to eat, resulting in her losing weight and condition."

"As well as dealing with the ulcers, I have been trying to manage her confidence and anxiety issues following a traumatic incident 12 months ago where she spooked and jumped a wall, resulting in her landing on her back 6 feet down onto a main road where she proceeded to bolt and run into oncoming traffic. Needless to say she has been a very nervous horse both in the field and under saddle since and this has no doubt compounded the problems with her ulcers."

"Having read numerous positive reviews about Saracen feeds, particularly about horses and owners in similar situations, I contacted them for advice."

Meghan has been on Re-Leve and Equi-Jewel for only a short time but has gone from fussy, picking or refusing food to relishing every morsel and even licking the bowl clean! Tracy says "I'm amazed and over the moon with this dramatic positive turnaround. It's still early days but already she is much calmer and less stressed. She has a fabulous sheen to her coat and that sparkle has returned to her eyes."

"Huge thanks must go to Steph for her appreciation and understanding of our situation, together with her sound advice and guidance on the new feeding regime. Also thank you to Saracen for their fantastic feeds - Re-Leve smells so good I could eat it myself! This has made a massive difference to both out lives, Happy Pony = Happy Owner!!"

Once Meghan has gained more weight Tracy will update Steph with some before and after pictures, until then here is a head shot of her beautiful horse Meghan looking happy after doing some work.