Claire helps run a rescue centre in Spain and when Dibbles was rescued in 2011 Claire fell in love and took him on as her own. He was doing well until, in late 2012, he suffered from a bout of colic and lost a lot of weight. Dibbles was also diagnosed with Cushing's so Claire knew she had to be careful about what she fed him to help him to gain weight, but without increasing his risk of laminitis or further colic episodes. Claire filled in the Feed Advice form on the website and received a personalised ration plan for Dibbles that consisted of Super Fibre Pencils and chaff. Claire has kept in regular contact with Saracen since then to slightly adjust Dibble’s ration when needed, although he has been kept on Super Fibre Pencils for the last 18 months.

Claire says;

‘This is my 21 year old gelding Dibbles, I have owned him for 2 and half years now, not long after I got him I found he had Cushing’s and I had to change his diet, I have always struggled to keep his weight on him but now he is on Saracen Super Fibre Pencils and Dengie Chaff he is doing well and maintaining his weight. After changing him onto the Saracen feed I have never looked back. He is very happy and content now

Dibbles 2012

Claire Reeves - Dibbles - November 2012

Dibbles 2014

Claire Reeves - Dibbles - July 2014