I am sure you get this a lot but I cannot believe the difference in my horses on the Saracen feed!! Thank you so much for your advice! They have been on the feeds you recommended for just over 3 weeks and already I can notice a change in all 3 of them (for the better!!) The girls Fly and Lyka (both fed Re-Leve and Essential Balancer) have both definitely grown and put on condition! They have shiny coats and seem really happy, energetic but not silly!

The biggest change comes with my naughty little gelding Corky (fed Essential Balancer)!! What a difference!! He finally lost his winter coat (that he had been clinging on to!), he's shiny and looking great but the biggest change is his attitude/temperament! He is a horse that can be very reactive to feed and feed changes, so I was a little wary! He is very stubborn, spooky and cheeky (quite regularly dumps me!) but in the last 2 weeks he has gained 2nd place at 2 different hunter trials (one class was of 21 people!) and has managed to do 2 rounds each time, with so much more energy than he has ever had before! He's going faster, going clear (he is very good at going from 60 to dead stop in 1.2 secs!! Lol!!) and is just generally more amenable! Plus he is so calm, normally he's a little stress head but everyone who knows him can't believe the difference!! So thank you so much!

I chose Saracen because of the results of my yard owners horses but what tipped it for me was how quickly you replied to my queries and helpful you were! And also that you seemed genuinely interested in how we got on! We now have 3 more people on our yard interested in Saracen!

Corky July 2014

Corky Standing 

Corky Jumping cropped