In December 2016 Hayley contacted Saracen Horse Feeds after her horse Chico had lost a lot of weight following a yard move, which coincided with a change in Chico's feeding regime. 

"I was shocked and horrified to see how much condition Chico had lost, considering he had also been out of work so I decided to take action and control of my horse and his feeding regime and contacted Stephanie at Saracen, I have never looked back."

It was decided that Super Fibre Cubes would be a good match for Chico over the winter as they would provide him with a good calorie intake from the fibre and oil sources that they contain, whilst helping to maintain a calm and trainable temperament as his work load was reduced due to Hayleys work commitments. 

"As I brought Chico back into work I started off feeding him the Saracen Super Fiber Cubes and this gave me a good base to start his fitting program. Chico's coat started looking better and was shiny, and he also felt better in himself. As the work increased I realised that he needed a little more fuel in the tank so contacted Steph again and she recommended Competition-Fit Cubes. This was revolutionary in Chico's well-being and I began to see a massive difference in his stamina meaning I had more fuel in the tank when I needed it the most - for example at the end of a cross country round. I also find that Chico seems to cope better now with recovery after a hard weekend of competing."

Since swapping to Competition-Fit Cubes Hayley has acheived some great results out eventing with Chico and we are really pleased to hear how well the Competition-Fit Cubes have suited him going into the eventing season. 

Hayley says "I would not hesitate to recommend Saracen to any of my horsey friends they make fantastic feeds and the service is second to none."


Chico 1


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