Dawn Avery contacted Saracen about her horse Comet who was lacking topline and muscle tone. She used the online Feed Advice Form service and has been in touch to let us know how Comet is getting on.

Comet has been on Re-Leve® since December, and the difference in his condition over the last 7 months is amazing. Dawn contacted Saracen via the Feed Advice Form service and had a ration prepared for Comet by Steph. Comet was lacking topline and muscle tone and she wanted a feed for him that would provide a controlled energy release as she had recently had a fall when riding.

Dawn said “He is the most loving and wonderful horse to do in the stable, but he became very difficult in canter and I fell off him which resulted in me losing some confidence. I wanted a horse with whom I can grow old with, and to be together for life. At that point I felt I had made a mistake. I love Comet now, and he will be my last and only horse.”

Dawn and Comet take part in dressage and showing and will be going to a BD clinic in August for an introduction to affiliated dressage. They also enjoy hacking together. Since being on Re-Leve® Dawn has told us that Comet developed a good topline and is less excitable. He also has a lovely shiny coat, which is evident from the lovely pictures she has sent in.

                            Dawn & Comet November 2015                                                                                        Dawn & Comet July 2016