I had never really heard of Saracen before, until a friend and I went to The Dressage Convention and saw your stand. After looking around and speaking to the staff and seeing the quality of your feeds I thought I'd give it a go and ordered a bag of Conditioning Mix and Re-leve, feeding this in conjunction with soaked barley rings and some chaff. 

Domino before Conditioning Mix

After just a few weeks I saw a lot of change, Domino had more energy, he was happier, he had the sparkle back in his eyes, and importantly he had started putting weight on. Everyone started saying how well he was looking, after 6 weeks on your feed he was nearly back to normal weight and the best health he's been in for a while, lovely shiny coat, sparkly eyes, and just full of energy. 

Domino after Conditioning Mix

I can't thank you enough and always recommend you to anyone who asks about feeding. 

The photos attached are of domino before and after (excuse the bad clip in the second photo he is very tickly and doesn't stand still which results in a very wonky clip).