• Use as a foal creep feed
  • Maintaining weanlings and yearlings, up to three year olds
  • Backward foals, without compromising skeletal development
  • Larger broodmares, particularly those that can get heavy through gestation, such as Arabians, Warmbloods and native pony breeds
  • Lactating mares


  • Stamm 30® is included in the Level-Grow™ formulations for nutrient continuity, and availability of significant minerals and vitamins
  • Guaranteed macro and micro-nutrient supplementation
  • Maintenance of normal skeletal development due to the high oil, high fibre, low starch formula and the low-glycemic response after feeding
  • Balanced energy levels to encourage consistent daily weight gain, and steady growth rates
  • Highly digestible energy sources to support milk production in lactating mares
  • "Super-fibres" and high oil levels help promote optimum blood glucose levels
  • Quality protein sources are included for optimum bone, muscle and tissue growth
  • Bioplex trace elements promote strong bone development and assist with normal skeletal development


+1 #4 sara Bunch 2015-03-12 14:09
I have used the Level Grow range for over 8 years on all my young stock. This product has given me peace of mind that all of the nutritional needs are met, due to the in-depth research and knowledge that Saracen prides itself on. I knew that my invested interest within my young horses developments to become the future stars they have been breed to be would only be enhanced by good feed management.
+1 #3 Sophie Oleary 2015-03-12 11:46
I have fed my youngster on Level Grow Mix since I got him at 5 months old, he was orphaned at 3 months so was a weedy looking baby but has grown at a rate of knots and is now a strapping 16.2hh rising 3 year old who has come out of the winter looking amazing! I had fed Equi-Jewel before to my skinny thoroughbred and had great results so wanted to carry on using Saracen's and it is doing a fantastic [censored]!
+1 #2 Liz Morrison 2014-08-15 22:17
Have always fed level grow mix to my youngsters ever since a leading youngstock vet explained why it was the best. Really pleased with the results, and knowing it will not cause growth issues.
+1 #1 Davina Godwin 2014-08-09 12:23
I have used Level Grow Mix for all our foals and youngstock. This product lives up to it's name and really does produce nice even growth and creates a beautiful shiny coat that just makes the horses bloom. A first class product with a team that provide fantastic nutritional advice.

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