I am absolutely delighted to be selected for Equestrian Team GBR at FEI World Equestrian Games 2018 with Jen Goodman's Super Nova II. Jen continues to believe in and support Neville and myself, it is a genuine privilege and honour.  I also owe so much to my amazing team lead by Claire Hinton (Super Groom) who enables Neville and I to compete at this level. Without all of her help and support none of this would be possible. She has had a tough year with Neville being injured at the beginning of the season, it was touch and go if we’d have him back in time for WEG but we have achieved this together and I couldn’t be prouder. Claire goes above and beyond, and keeps me in order too!

Equine Rebalance at Wellington was a useful place to get additional help with Neville with his fitness during his period of limited exercise. He hasn’t used it recently as he is now back in full work but it was an extremely useful programme during that time. At home we’re just keeping him ticking over nicely, keeping his fitness levels up and making sure he’s happy and healthy.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Neville is on amazing form.He has left for Belgium and should arrive this evening, he’ll stay overnight and then travel to SW2America where he’ll have two days in quarantine and I arrive on the 6th and we’re reunited on the 7th.

On a personal level I continue to enjoy my regular training clinics at Kingston Maurward every 4-6 weeks. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the people I train and impart as much knowledge as possible on these days. It’s really nice to see my clients regularly, follow their journey and watch them progress.  

I’m extremely lucky to have the opportunity to teach in Finland every 8 weeks which is one of my most enjoyable clinics. The horses, riders and quality of the venue are incredible. I find the riders to be really keen to listen and learn, it’s a different teaching environment which I always find fun! I recently enjoyed a crayfish party which is a Swedish/Finish celebration held during crayfish season. You’re served a big bowl with about 10 crayfish each with fresh dill and toast and butter all prepared in the traditional way, fresh from Finish river. It was delicious and I loved it!

That’s it for now, here’s to WEG. I can't wait to #jointhejourney with Carl, Charlotte & Emile.