I am extremely grateful to be supported by Saracen Horse Feeds, I have fed Saracen for approximately 15 years and use their whole performance range and in particular Re-Leve. Re-Leve is a cereal free feed for competition horses which provides them with all the protein and nutrients that the horses need to perform, without making them silly and hugely reducing the risks of tying up and other starch related problems. This has been a brilliant feed for Doonaveeragh Emma who can be very hot if fed a high starch diet, where as Re-Leve provides her with everything she needs without making her hot.  We also use Equi-jewel for all our youngsters, and for any horses that lack condition or top-line.  Equi-jewel is a high fat feed which provides slow-release energy and helps horses gain condition without making them silly. I use Competition-Fit Cubes for Kvint when he is competing and Cooling Mix with Herbs or Livery Pencils for the horses that are in medium work.  The youngsters start on a very low amount of hard feed, probably chaff and sugar beet, which is supplemented by Stamm 30 an excellent all round feed-balancer and Equi-jewel to help maintain condition.  Depending on temperament and work I then introduce Re-Leve or Livery Pencils as their work level increases.

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