10th July 2018 - Codham Park Showjumping  

We took Tyler (Kaedens Surprise), John (John Brown) and Belle (Fragance DeBelle Rose) to Codham Park yesterday for a bit of jumping. Tyler just did a couple of clear rounds starting off a bit backwards and green but got more confident as he went on, he just needs to get out and do it. John and Belle were in the British Novice, both horses jumped really well and maintained a much better rhythm. 

15th July 2018 - Eridge Horse Trials

Well it was a rather hot day today at Eridge Horse Trials. Mitch (HollyPark Royale) was a real trooper and dealt with the heat really well. A relaxed safe test in the intermediate for 31.6 with so much more still in the tank, but today I was after suppleness and accuracy which we are working on in training at home with Adam. Showjumping started off really well but unfortunately rolled some poles in the middle of the course to then get it together to finish well, we both just need more mileage...at this level which is the only thing that is holding us back for those top placings! frustrating but we'll get there. I took him nice and steady for an awesome clear cross country to finish just outside the top ten. A big thank you to Eridge who worked extremely hard on the ground to make sure we had the best of what the weather has given us lately. Fab to have friends and family out with us today and lovely to have my event groom Lisa back out with us where she belongs!

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21st July 2018 - Little Downham Horse Trials

Well a rather disappointing day today at Little Downham. Both youngsters John (John Brown) and Belle (Fragance DeBelle Rose) were in the BE90. John performed an improved dressage test, but still a little tense for a not unexpected 36 score. Showjumping John was like a new horse, super confident just rolled a pole at the last fence. Cross country he was covering the ground really well, with him also starting to find his stride and jump out of his rhythm a little more. John spotted a fence judge in the bushes standing in the shade and managed a very sharp 180 degree turn forcing a very unflattering dismount from his rider, he then galloped away in the opposite direction, so frustrating as he was going so well up until that point. John is a little sharp as well as being young and green, he'll just take a bit of time and patience. Belle performed what we all thought was her best test to date! She was amazingly supple and obedient with some wonderfully smooth transitions, only to find out her score was the worst she has ever been given, we were all in disbelief, but I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes in the dressage discipline. Again an awesome showjumping round for her to jump a lovely clear, she’s really starting to enjoy it and understand her job now. Followed by a great cross country round just a green moment at the last water. Water is Belle's downfall at the moment, she just needs to get to grips with getting her feet wet and dig a little deeper to give me a bit more, but that will come in time, she can be a total princess at times! 'ginger mares!' Onwards to Chilham!

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28th July 2018 - Chilham Castle Hose Trials

Lovely to be competing in kinder weather at Chilham Castle Horse Trials. Belle (Fragance DeBelle Rose) was entered for the BE90 today. She performed another wonderful test and this time gained the marks she deserved and was rewarded with a 22 score. She unfortunately rolled one pole which was only due to her getting to grips with an uneven terrain, she has such a classy jump. Cross country this week she was so much better with the waters, the first water she walked through but was much more positively forward into it, and then the second water she managed a trot in and cantered out, so we are making progress with the 'gremlins in the water'. She was placed 10th today only due to some time penalties cross country, its all early days for this mare but her ability and performance reminds us all very much of Mitch in his early years. With our next event for Belle being abandoned, we will be looking for a venue to step her up to a 100, she is a very classy horse, we are all very excited about her future.

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18th August 2018 - Firle Place International

A lovely day out at Firle Place International today with Belle (Fragance DeBelle Rose) doing her first BE100. She showed lots of potential all day, just making the odd green mistake here and there where she’s still learning and developing. In her dressage, she scored 31.3% which we thought was about right for where she’s at with her current British Dressage scores at Novice level. With show jumping, she’s jumping very big at the moment, and very much likes to show off in the warm up. We had silly poles today but generally overall she’s really coming together in her training which will show at events once her confidence builds in the ring. Cross country she was a really good girl again, apart from deciding to have a picnic at the water, well sunken road with a puddle in it!! It was causing a lot of problems today with the other riders, and we think she just struggled to read the question that this element asked. She also really needs to learn to let the handbrake off and realise she’s got another few gears in there yet, but this will all come in good time, lots more training ahead!

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