Stratford Hills Horse TrialsStratford Hills Belle 1

A lovely day spent with my family and friends at Stratford Hills, both young horses in the BE90 today.

John (John Brown), has a nervous nature and can be terribly sharp at times, he coped very well with everything and completed the day with a late 30's dressage, a couple of poles and a green moment at the water XC.

For a very nervous nature, he is doing really well, he has plenty of scope, but he is learning the foundations of his job and I am sure later in the season, we will start too see him excel once he learns to relax.

Belle (Fragance DeBelle Rose) warmed up lovely to then be behind my leg once we started our test, this resulted a couple of little mistakes which put us on a 30 test, two poles SJ today was a shame but they were just green mistakes, to then finish on a steady clear XC was awesome.

Very pleased with them both, they completed everything

Stratford Hills Belle 2Stratford Hills John 1

 Barleylands Equestrian Centre

Barleylands Tyler

Very pleased with baby Tyler (Kaedens Surprise) today. I took some of the yard family out to a local unaffiliated dressage today, and took Tyler along for the experience. He behaved perfectly and came home with a rosette scoring a 60's result - what a good boy and such a good experience for him.

 Mark Todd – Bridging The Gap Training

Mitch was fantastic whilst attending the two day ‘Mark Todd’s’ bridging the gap training camp. He was a little wild on the first day but produced some really good work over the two days, we come away having learnt lots and found the test riding very beneficial.

Team London – Inter County Dressage

Inter County 1


Well what a great weekend representing Team London at the Inter County Dressage held at Keysoe.

She produced two really lovely tests for her level of training at the moment and our fabulous team finished 3rd overall.

I’m so proud of Belle (Fragance DeBelle Rose) who approached the whole weekend with such a chilled head on her shoulders, being her first stay away show and having a big atmosphere you never know how the younger horses are going to behave and she tackled everything head on.

Inter County 2

I came away from the show learning lots about Belle, and she came away learning a lot more 

about life.Thank you to Kim Ratcliffe, Adam Smyth and everyone on Team London for making it an enjoyable weekend.

Well done to everyone else who was a part of our team!

Inter County 3