We caught up with a very excited Saracen Brand ambassador Natasha Baker this week who gave us the lowdown on her new team member, Lottie!

“It has always been my plan in 2019 to find another horse to campaign for Tokyo 2020 for the Paralympics. My ride for last year MSJ Diva has gone back to the stud to carry out mare duties for this season and I will get her back towards the end of the year – but I needed to get my teeth into a new project.

I advertised on my Facebook page that I was looking for a new horse and asked people to send me their recommendations. I had so many, but Beth Bainbridge – head girl for Anna Ross came up trumps!

She sent me a message saying she thought her mare would be a suitable candidate for a para horse and ten weeks ago we went to try her. She passed the vet with flying colours and came to me within a week of seeing her in Mid March.

Lottie is her stable name and her posh name is Keystone Dawn Chorus. Talk about AMAZING she has totally settled in and is just the sweetest character, we call her Little Miss Perfect. She is 8yo, about 16.2hh and is a gorgeous bay colour with two white socks and the tiniest white star.

Natasha Baaker lottie

I took her out for the first squad training day a couple of weeks ago and everyone loved her so that’s a good start for team selection! Lisa Hopkins my trainer and I took her to her firs competition a week ago and were totally stunned by how good she was. Lisa rode her in the first Novice test and got a staggering 85%. I then rode her for the second test and while my own preparation wasn’t the best, it was a last minute decision for me to do the second test so I hadn't practiced my counter canters or give and retake at home yet we got 74% and won that class too.

I will campaign her for Tokyo, but in the meantime I plan to get her out again at the beginning of June to hopefully qualify her for the regionals at Novice Silver.

Beth had said that she could be a fussy eater – loved her hay but wasn’t too keen on hard feed and could take it or leave it. However she was introduced to Saracen Horse and Pony Cooling Cubes with Essential Balancer and she now dives for her food. She even starts calling for breakfast and dinner these days.

While we are keeping her on a very low energy diet as we get to know her, she has plenty of energy and is very forward going but isn’t too sensitive or spooky – unlike some of my previous horses. So once Lizzie has been out to see us we may switch things around if she can take a bit more energy without the fizz.

So it’s hugely exciting for me at the moment, getting to know a new horse is always fun and when they are so good, fab at a competition and beautifully mannered it really makes life sunny.

I hope everyone is enjoying their riding this season and if I see you out on the circuit come and say hi to Lottie.”

Lots of Love Natasha xx          

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