After a long hard winter it has now been a crazy few months. I think all of us struggled with the hard weather so not going to go on about that, but how nice that we have sunny weather and the season has got off to a swing. I’ve had an incredible time training people over the last few months I’m lucky my passion is my job.  I have had some wonderful horses in for short term training that are all now going so well for their owners and riders so the hard work paid off. It’s a pleasure to help people where I can and it allows me to then train my own. I had the incredible opportunity recently to go and compete in Aachen, Germany and my horse Into the Blue was very excited about this and we performed a lovely test but mistakes from him being a tad fresh crept in. So I have decided that if I get to compete at Aachen again I would opt for Grand Prix instead of the special so I would get an extra day to settle in. But each day I learn something new in this job! We both loved every minute of being in Aachen and it's a real privilege ride at Aachen - not many get that chance and it was one of my life goals. The other great opportunity I had was to train with Gareth Hughes while I was there and in return be there for him in the warm up.... he won both classes! :-)

On home ground we have been getting some great results and scores in Grand Prix at our premier league shows, they include:

  • 2nd at Myerscough 71%
  • 5th at Keysoe 68.4%
  • 3rd at Addington 69.7%
  • 68.7% at Wellington

I am so excited about my young homebred mare Skyfall, who is Rocky's ( my late great working hunter ) niece. She has had two outings in her life and came fifth in the International 6 Year Old class last week. Now she’s not classically dressage bred, she has Thoroughbred, Irish draft on the mothers side and Cevin Z for her father.

All I can say is she may not be a pretty horse but she is totally beautiful in every way! Her trainability is amazing, she just wants to be a Grand Prix horse. So that’s my plan to train her up to this level and hopefully take over from Dynamo when she’s ready.. very exciting.

I also have a couple of youngsters coming through quietly in the background. One is owned with my great friend Alan Davies (Carl Hester's head groom)  and another owned by one of my best friends too.

Hopefully they have a great future ahead.

The Saracen team have been a major support as ever keeping my horses in tip top shape for their job and without their support I’d be lost. You only get out what you put in... so to say and I am extremely lucky enough to be able to feed quality feed from Saracen. So roll on the summer.... shows... judging... teaching... training... and breaking in a couple in between. It’s gonna be a busy one - but I love it!


Lou Bell 21.06.2018