I have so much amazing news to share!

After receiving my wild card for the nationals I was so excited about my debut at a National Championships in an able bodied class. Going to the Nationals I was just hoping for my horse Keystone Dawn Chorus (“Lottie”) to have a positive, good experience and for a nice picture! After my test I was buzzing, she was fantastic and went into the arena like she owned it. I was beyond proud and didn't even mind about my results. I knew there was nothing more I could have done in there and after only a few months of riding Lottie I was absolutely thrilled about our performance. To learn we shot into the lead with 72.778% was the icing on the cake.  We maintained our lead until my fab friend Thoroughbred Dressage came in last and pipped me to the post by 2 marks. 

Natasha Backer image 1

Next we were off to Keysoe for the CPEDI3* and Lottie and I won! Only the 3rd time of riding the test and we managed a super 72.8%. I honestly never expected such great result, we only learnt rein-back a week before! The following day we had another win with 73.68% in the individual test. I was expecting her to feel a little tired on day two but she came out firing on all four cylinders. Teamwork really does make the dream work. Day three came a third win for us with 76.48% for the freestyle. I used my Tom Hunt music that was composed for Diva last year for WEG and, with a lot of improvisation, it worked pretty well!! I could not have been more proud of ours, Childs Farm & Christian's special girl Lottie, she continues to go above and beyond my expectations and has been an absolute pro! Can you believe this was only our 2nd para competition ever and she’s out winning internationally? She blew me away with her attitude and her professionalism, it's like she’d done it all before. 

I was incredibly proud to join Alice Oppenheimer Dressage at a Claire Gallimore Dressage demo at Merrist Wood Arena in October. A first for Lottie, but she performed so well in front of 230 people. It was after seeing Claire at a demo, with Tristan Tucker TRT at Bury Farm last year that inspired me to get in touch with her and I was desperate to start using the TRT method. It's something I wish I had of known about with previous horses, especially my extra sensitive golden boy JP. Lottie isn’t a spooky horse however using TRT has really given her so much confidence around high pressure situations and I feel has accelerated our relationship and levels of trust. 

Natasha Baker image 2

None of this would have been possible without my incredible trainer Lisa Hopkins Dressage, my awesome mum, for Claire Gallimore Dressage and her TRT work, all my team who work their socks off making sure we are in top form and of course, Lotties fabulous owners Childs Farm, Christian Landolt as well as my super supportive sponsors, Saracen Horse Feeds who always go above and beyond.  

Of course the biggest thanks has to go to Lottie for quite simply being a superstar. She’s such a cool cucumber and I am so excited about our future!

Until next time,

Tash x