Countdown to Houghton Hall CCI 2*

All of 'My Man Mickie' related prep finally done, canter/fitness work, lessons/training with Dan Greenwood, Lucinda Green and Warren Lamperd – thank you guys. Mickie is feeling in tip top condition, hats off to Saracen Horse Feeds, your feed certainly does what is says on the packet!

Mickie enjoying, well maybe not enjoying but very good for him a session at the water treadmill which promotes overall muscle tone and fitness – 15 to 20 minutes walking through the water. Finally all that is left to do now is pack the lorry. Just how much stuff do you need for one little horse and 2 adults for 6 days? Have this nagging doubt in my mind that we have forgotten something, but at least I have double checked all essentials are packed – chocolate, crisps and pimms! 

Setting off to Houghton on Tuesday, Wednesday trot up, Thursday a free day, Friday dressage, Saturday x country and finally show jumping on Sunday and then hopefully back at the yard late evening.  Just time to grab a couple of hours sleep as I have a flight booked to Jersery at 6.45am on Monday morning for a few days holiday  with my better half and Mickie is also going home for a week’s holiday to munch grass and chill out.


Had been looking forward to Badminton and bought a ticket for dressage day.  All ready to leave the yard and head off when the lovely Ronaldo (accidently) crunched my little toe with his big hoof - ouch!  Had to hobble around Badminton all day, but a bit of retail therapy helped me to numb the pain.

yard matters

Life on the yard has been nonstop; new summer paddocks are now all fenced – we have so much luscious grass; horses have swapped over to summer routine; yard improvements progressing well, trailer now in place for muck heap; hedge planted and growing well around the horse walker and we have started painting everything that needs painting! Next plan is to put in a few small x country jumps as I have just the right place for them and hopefully dig a ditch – watch this space! White Horse Liveries is now officially a BHS Riding and Road Safety test centre and Louise Holden BHSAI has undertaken training to become a BHS Riding and Road Safety Trainer – our first R&RS training course to start in June with an exam date in July. Our lovely ducks, Jemima, Puddle and Duck are still laying 2 eggs per day and now enjoy an upgrade to their facilities and have a new pool to splash about in. Meet the crew - staff looking cool in our new branded polo shirts.


Catch up soon, just keeping my fingers crossed that Mickie behaves in the dressage at Houghton after the new movement he added to the dressage test we did at Withington Horse Trials – enter at A, up the centre line, lovely square halt, asked for trot – but he gave me rein back with a buck!!