Research carried out by Ireland. J. et al., (2011) at the University of Liverpool showed that many owners of older horses and ponies made major changes to their horses diets as they reached 21 years onwards and these changes included the increased use of specific veteran rations.

The availability, quality and advancement of such specific feeds have increased due to a greater understanding of the nutritional requirements of the older horse. Saracen Horse Feeds were the first horse feed manufacturer to formulate a ration specifically for the Veteran horse in 1994, and have continued to provide innovative diets with regards to the modern “veteran”.

Saracen work with The Horse Trust, a registered charity where retired working horses from the police force or army go to live out their retirement years, and we work with the trust to ensure our rations continue to provide the most up-to-date nutritional support for the older horse.

As horses age, we must continually assess their overall health and condition. If you would like some immediate, friendly and uncomplicated advice, then please contact us via the following methods:

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