Suitable for horses & ponies prone to gastric ulcers


  • Horses prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome
  • Performance horses intolerant to high-starch/cereal based diets
  • Horses of a nervous disposition, to maintain a more even and trainable temperament
  • Maintaining a normal muscle function


  • Cereal-free, low-starch (8%), low sugar (6%) ration
  • 'Super-fibre' inclusion to reduce the reliance on strach to provide energy (calories)
  • Highly digestible fibre sources to support a healthy digestive system
  • Superior antoxidant levels to assist normal muscle function
  • Blackcurrant flavour and optimum levels of a live yeast supplement to help maintain appetite in fussy feeders


+1 #23 Helen Smith 2017-08-22 15:31
My TB ex-racer has always been irrational with his behaviour, spooking etc and improved on another feed manufacturer's sugar and cereal free feed, but still a bit hit and miss. Started to feed Re-Leve after good reviews on an ex-racers group on Facebook and within a few weeks became consistently more sensible, keen and forward going and is now a joy, not a challenge to ride.
-1 #22 David Worthington 2017-08-04 08:16
My 15 yr TB is about to compete in an 4 day competition in France as a member of the British Team, he is a really picky eater and its usually hard to get him to eat enough hard feed but he absolutely loves Re-Leve .
0 #21 Sarah Ball 2017-05-05 09:03
I just want to say that Vague is doing very very well on Re-Leve. He cannot get enough of the stuff!.He is even having a paddy when he finishes his feed because he wants more…!He is gaining weight nicely and his coat is looking nice and shiny and he seems much happier in himself. Even the little welsh pony is doing his best to get some when he smells it lol. Little fatty.So glad I have found something Vague really enjoys and thank you for all your help and advice. It is such a relief to me I could cry.
+1 #20 Jenny Haigh 2017-02-21 18:21
I contacted Saracen Horse Feeds after seeing them promoted by Carl Hester's Team and well promoted on Horse & Country TV which I was extremely impressed by

I then contacted the Saracen Team who came and visited me at our yard I was given a fantastic brief and a full assessment made of my horse by the wonderful rep Michael Bacon who offered an extremely professional feedback and now feed Relieve to my horse he looks stunning and his hoof quality has dramatically improved since

I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend the Saracen Feed Range as well as advise people to contact their team as the Customer Service is extremely professional, warm and welcoming and really go out of their way to make sure your horse looks at its best its ever been and I can safely say this is exactly what happens

Get in touch today folks and enjoy a happy healthy and glimmering horse I did and I wont ever change Im delighted
0 #19 HOLLY R 2017-02-14 12:43
After trying several 'big name' brands in an effort to keep condition on my 7/8 tb sports horse I approached the Saracen Feeds stand at an Aintree Equestrian Centre show. Now on Re-leve and Equijewel my horse was never looked better! He is the heaviest he has ever been, fit and gleaming. I highly recommend Re-leve, which follows the 'fat and fibre' approach, and avoids any quick release feeds which would 'fizz him up'. Worth every penny.
+1 #18 Kim Cox 2016-12-07 12:39
I have had my boy on Re-Leve since June this year, through the summer I also added some EquiJewel for a little more stamina, I must say my boy looks wonderful and he is so level headed on your feeds, I am thrilled to bits!
+1 #17 Mandy Tamba 2015-04-08 15:53
I thought you might like an update on Lil George. I changed him to Re-Leve and he is now on his third bag!! The change over was problem free. He has put on weight and has not got fizzy. Generally he just looks so well.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Rachel for the comprehensive advice and to to Saracen for producing such great feeds
+2 #16 Jennifer Wyles 2014-08-29 11:25
I started feeding RE-leve to my horse ten years ago when he was a very stress, spooky six year old and the vet told me he couldn't digest serials or sugar. It did wonders for him, he went from skin and bones TB looking to a muscled WB/quarter horse type! He went off it two years ago but now his sine and hips have lost condition on just chaff anf alfalfa pellets so I plan to go back to RE-leve today! As he's my disability horse I'd be lost without Saracen's wonder calmer feed in its new Blackcurrent flavour to tempt my perfect horse back and get his muscle back. In the lightest of work due to my disability, re leve always kept amazing muscle tone on him and I look forward to getting it back for him!
+3 #15 CLARE ANDREWS 2014-08-19 12:32
After emailing and receiving VERY helpful information, I decided to give Re-leve a go, I'm so pleased that I've found what my horse thinks is a mix that tastes yummy and its something he really likes. He is 35 but thinks he's 3 and its done him the world of good. I feed equijewel alongside it if I need to put a little extra weight on, as he had lami few years back I have to watch what I give him and keep an eye on his weight. I was concerned when they added the blackcurrant but had some samples which he ate no problem, so I am not concerned when it eventually filters through to my supplier. Thank you saracen, you've made an old man and his mummy very happy :-)
-2 #14 Rebecca Stanbrook 2014-08-16 22:40
My Quarter horse has chronic PSSM, he had lost so much condition last winter he looked like a coat rack we had tried so many other feeds. I can't praise Re-Leve enough my boy looks better than he's ever done and he's just started coming back into work. Truly amazing! Thanks.
0 #13 Sally Arnold-Jones 2014-08-16 16:34
Re-leve has been fantastic for my TB ex race horse. I also contacted the advice line to ensure this was the correct product and the speed and efficiency of the service was brilliant. They told me to continue with the re-leve and tweaked the amounts and now he has fantastic condition, spot on weight for an eventer and he recovers well from his events. I would thoroughly recommend this product!
+1 #12 Jen Neill 2014-08-16 08:02
Releve was recommended to me for my warmblood who was quite spooky. I felt he was lacking a bit of go but I was concerned about giving him something that would hot him up. I need not have worried !! After starting on Releve he was more forward and easier to train, he remained steady and didn't heat up. This allowed me to get more out of him during a schooling session so his training was able to take a step forward and we progressed quicker. My horse looked fantastic on Releve and he loved the taste. I have recommended it to others due to the great results I had.
+1 #11 Judith Costello 2014-08-15 21:41
I've been really pleased with the improvement in my horses since starting them on Re-leve. I started buying it just for my ex-racer but it made such a difference to him in terms of temperament and way of going, I now feed 5 of my 8 horses Re-leve and the other three will be fed on it during the winter months.
+1 #10 Amy Brant 2014-08-15 20:23
After a difficult wet winter and a lack of turnout my 4 yo exracer lost his condition but thanks to Saracens wonderful advisers I decided to give RE-LEVE a try. It worked wonders, in fact it worked so well he started to get a little bit tubby so we had to swap to the Essential Balancer! Not once did my boy get hot headed on this food and he can sometimes be a bit fussy with what he eats but I can tell he LOVES meal times now. Thanks Saracen - I would recommend this to anyone
0 #9 Siana Grainger 2014-08-14 10:06
I called the helpline for advise last winter after purchasing a very green and stressy Gelderlander. He was dropping weight but we were struggling to keep his mind balanced and his weight on. I received fantastic support and advice from the helpline who advised I try him on Re-Leve. He quickly became calmer and his condition improved!
+4 #8 Emma Coverdale 2014-08-11 13:29
Re-leve is a fantastic Mix suited ideally for the stress Thoroughbred performance horse. It's high levels of 'Super-fibres' ensure that your horse receives an energy source so that it can perform and function to the high demands it needs without 'overloading' them and making them too hot to handle! With Re-leve you don't have to feed huge quantities in order to get the results which certainly aids your wallet, however, if you ever need an extra bit of help Re-leve works fabulously alongside Equi-Jewel to promote weight gain, again in a controlled (energy levelled) way!! Since moving on to Re-leve I've noticed healthier skin and shinier coats on all the horses and its comforting to know that it promotes healthier gut's and digestive systems. The palatability of Re-leve is fantastic now that it incorporates Blackcurrant flavouring- so even the fussiest of horse's can't resist it!
+1 #7 Tracy Caldwell 2014-08-11 10:30
I feed Re-Leve to my 14 year old advanced dressage horse after discussing options with Sharron Harrington at Saracen.
My horse can struggle to hold weight at times and can also hot up, Re-Leve provides the ultimate balance in managing his weight and energy correctly. My feed bills have reduced considerably since switching to Re-Leve
Great product!
0 #6 Suzanne Smith 2014-08-09 13:59
Having a big young warmblood with allergies it limits the feeds available to you, add that to finding a feed with a high enough digestible energy for performance without containing cereals and it's near impossible. Saracen RE-Leve is my saviour. It has a digestible energy level which matches most competition mixes without causing any reaction in his skin. My vet also highly recommends this feed after hearing of similar stories such as mine.
+2 #5 Catherine Hood 2014-08-08 23:16
Changed to this under advice from Lizzy when I was told my boy had a starch absorption issue 18 months ago. He's gone from strength to strength. Lots of energy, built fantastic muscle and no fizz. His coat looks great and he's in awesome condition. Combined with Equijewel when he needs some extra for endurance. We are representing England in the Endurance Home international next weekend - so can't be bad!
+1 #4 Sarah-Jayne Bowers 2014-08-08 22:09
Fantastic feed - ideal for my dressage horse that has to be fed low-starch, gives him enough energy to work at PSG level (and even do the occasional horse trials too) and maintain a perfect condition score of 5 without resorting to cereals :)
+1 #3 ingrid pitkanen 2014-08-08 20:44
Re-leve and EquiJewel have together made an amazing difference to my Thoroughbred horse, who can drop weight in the winter. This year many have commented on his excellent condition. It also keeps him calm even if he is not ridden regularly and when I need a bit more ooomph, I increase the Re-Leve portion of his feed. So good others on the yard have started using it.
+1 #2 Pippa Boyle 2014-06-26 17:52
This is a fantastic feed, especially for retired racehorses. It's non fizzing and they look fantastic on it. It is easily supplemented with Equijewel if you are having a busy time with your horse or have increased it's work load dramatically and need a bit extra energy.
+3 #1 Shizuko Igarashi 2014-04-03 18:51
Many thanks to Ms. Natalia Davis,
My 13-year-old Trakehner really loves Re-Leve.
He's now more forward going on his work, and willing to work!

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