Does garlic have any other benefits and what is the best form to feed it to ensure that it has maximum effect, granules or powder form?

Feeding herbs to our horses has many benefits and herbs have been used in human nutrition and animal nutrition since ancient times. Herbs provide a variety of nutrients and chemicals and the most widely used herb in horses has to be garlic. Garlic has a great many benefits but probably one of the most common reasons as to why people feed it to their horses is its ability to keep flies away through the summer. Other benefits of feeding garlic to horses include:

  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • The control of sweet itchIn the reduction of worms
  • Ease the effects of respiratory disease and coughing
  • As an antibiotic (veterinary advice should always be sought if you think your horse requires antibiotics)
  • As a blood cleanser
  • Reducing inflammation in cases of arthritis or rheumatism.


Garlic also assists with digestion by supporting the development of the beneficial bacteria in the horses gut while helping to keep the numbers and viability of pathogenic bacteria low. Garlic is also known to be rich in sulphur and contain vitamins B1, B2, A and C, as well as other beneficial minerals and trace elements. With all these factors in mind a tub of garlic in the feed room is perhaps one supplement that every horse should have!


Garlic that is in its 100% pure form as a granule or a powder will be equally as effective. Granules tend to be easier to handle when it comes to mixing in to the feed as the powder can readily attract water and make mixing difficult. Some horses when they are initially introduced to garlic may be put off by the pungent smell and strong taste but most usually quickly come round! You will know when the garlic is in the system as pure forms of garlic are readily detected when your horse breathes on you!