A.R.C.H. was founded in 2009 by a small group of horse lovers, all of whom have experience working with rescued animals. The mission of the charity is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned, abused and neglected equines. Saracen Horse Feeds have been working closely with Jill Newman Rogers to ensure that they are able to provide the correct the nutrition to horses, donkeys and mules that are taken in. 

ARCH celebrated May Day with the arrival of a lovely filly called Sorpresa, she was born out of a mare that was rescused from Granada in a very poor state. The charity knew that she was in foal but there were no signs that the birth was immininet and the arrival of Sorpresa was a shock to the lady fostering the mare. 

The first few days were touch and go as the foal was very weak and was unable to stand however by day 4 she was standing in the sunshine taking her first steps, suckling from her mother and drinking the mares milk from a bottle. We look forward to following the journey of the beautiful filly Sorpresa, and hope that she finds a lovely new home.