Can Essential Balancer be fed to horses with Gastric Ulcers? 

Yes it is suitable to be fed to horses that are suffering with gastric ulcers due to its cereal grain free, low sugar and starch level. It also includes the optimum inclusion of a live yeast that has been shown to help support feed and forage digestibility, as well as maintaining a stable gut microflora population. 

Is Essential Balancer ok to feed to laminicits? 

Yes it can be fed to horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis as it is whole cereal free, making it low in starch and sugar, and is formulated to be fed alongside a forage only diet. When fed at 500g per day Essential Balancer will provide 30g starch and 45g sugar. It is important to look at the diet as a whole when assessing the sugar content as 7.5kg of hay contains on average 375g of sugar.

How much Essential Balancer should I feed? 

Essential Balancer is a low intake pelleted balancer that has a feeding rate of 100g per 100kg bodyweight. For a 500kg horse you would need to feed 500g (1 ½ balancer cups) a day which will supply all the essential nutrients required by the horse on a daily basis.

Can I feed it to my horse that is not in work? 

Essential Balancer is a low calorie balancer and can therefore be fed to horses that aren’t in work, that require the essential nutrients on a daily basis to support optimum health and vitality without the calories!

Did you know Essential Balancer contains a healthy hoof package? 

Essential Balancer includes a range of micronutrients that are essential to support optimum hoof growth and quality, including calcium, chelated zinc and copper, essential amino acids lysine and methionine. As well as the recommended amount of biotin (30g/kg) to encourage hoof quality, growth and development.

Will this help my horse to develop topline? 

Essential Balancer contains high quality protein sources which provide the building blocks for muscle and topline development, when fed in conjunction with a suitable exercise regime.