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Saracen Horse Feeds Ltd. has a clear objective.

"To become the brand of choice for all equine nutritional needs."

We believe we can achieve this by ensuring that we continue to use our knowledge to research and formulate diets using the best ingredients available, and by maintaining the consistent, valued and personable approach our customers expect and require.

Our business is built on relationships, research, passion and a commitment to equine nutrition and this will remain at the heart of our business.

Our Philosophy & People

Saracen invests in the future by building trusting relationships and developing long-term partnerships enabling us to look beyond today’s profits and towards a sustainable future. We strive to deliver market leading products and operate in an environmentally ethical format.

Why choose Saracen Horse Feeds

  1. We have an open declaration policy. This means that EVERY ingredient that we use is declared on our feed labels. We set ourselves the highest of standards in quality control, and annual quality audits determine our continued compliance to the UFAS & BETA NOPS Code of Practice.
  2. We have a professional, qualified and passionate team who work hard to listen to your horse’s nutritional requirements, your goals and ambitions. Click here to find out more about our team.
  3. We provide a complete range of horse feeds from foal to finish that are underpinned by research from Kentucky Equine Research (KER). 
  4. We produce diets that provide cost effective nutrition and are proven to deliver results
  5. The brand is trusted by professionals across all equine disciplines - visit our Brand Ambassador pages and find out why Carl Hester, Francis Whittington & Philip Spivey, all choose SaracenKER logo 2
  6. We have a state-of-the art manufacturing facility that enables us to provide you and your horses with diets that incorporate some of the most innovative feed ingredients of the highest quality, in a "fixed formulation" process that ensures quality consistency. We are committed to manufacturing and delivering products and services that reinforce our reputation for quality and results.
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  7. Our rations draw energy from "Super Fibres" and oil sources, rather than using more traditional energy sources such as starch/cereal components, which are both unnatural for horses to consume, and can contribute to excitable behaviour.

    "Super Fibres" and oil energy sources are more natural products for your horse's digestive system, as well as providing the horse with slow-release, constant & sustainable energy release. This can contribute to your horse's performance by enhancing concentration and focus e.g. Re-Leve®

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  8. When cereals are used in our performance rations, where fast-release energy sources are required for higher levels of performance, they are micronised under strict quality control procedures. The micronising process increases pre-ceacal digestibility. 

  9. Our diets are fully fortified with vitamins and minerals and we use Bioplex minerals to increase availability and absorption. We strategically use Vitamin E where it will help with performance, immune status, colostrum quality and semen quality, as a few examples. 

  10. Quality protein is essential for cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair. At Saracen Horse Feeds Ltd. we only use the highest quality protein sources, full of essential amino acids including Soya and Alfalfa.