Titan worked for Thames Valley Police for 9 years and was used to police a variety of scenarios such as the London riots and football matches. Titan arrived at The Horse Trust on respite, but due to health issues, was unable to return to work and is now living out his retirement.

Weighing in at just under a tonne and at 18 years of age, Titan is one the Horse Trust’s most graceful, gentle giants.

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Shirley Abott, Estate Manager at the Horse Trust, commented why she continues to feed Saracen Veteran Mix to all of the veteran horses at the Home of Rest for Horses. 

"Titan is a stunning 18-year-old Shire cross, by feeding Saracen Veteran Mix, we know at the Trust that he’s getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs without giving him too much energy (calories).

Titan was fed on Veteran Mix all last winter and he looked amazing.  When he arrived at The Horse Trust from Thames Valley Police Mounted Unit he was in great condition and he has so far maintained that during his retirement with us.  

The Horse Trust has been working with Saracen Horse Feeds for nine years and we have always been delighted by the results that we’ve had from their products.  At our Home of Rest for Horses, most of our residents are in the veteran category and having one feed that works so well makes life a lot easier for our staff.”

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Diets formulated specifically for the older horse can help to maintain optimum health, condition, digestive function and recovery rates. 

Saracen Veteran Mix includes yeast and elevated levels of Vitamin E to provide veterans with the best possible nutrition. Veteran Mix provides enough readily available digestible energy to ensure that large horses, like Titan, maintain good body condition without the need to feed them huge amounts of feed!

Saracen Veteran Mix includes all these ‘added extras’. Using highly digestible sources of fibre, such as alfalfa and soya hulls combined with a high level of oil, it reduces the reliance on starch to help maintain body condition. This allows the diet to reduce the risk of problems typically associated with feeding high levels of starch, and because of the high oil level, their winter coats gleam!

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