Having previously had much success with an ex-racehorse, Lucy Hanby was advised by her vet to contact Racehorse Trainer Jim Boyle in order to find new horse to compete at B.E.
rain foalOisins Boy, a.k.a. Rain had grown up with Jim and Pippa Boyle from 3 months old and had been raised as a youngster on Saracen Horse Feeds. Rain arrived from Jim Boyle’s yard in spring 2010 as a 3 year old and was then turned away for 2 months to relax and grow before being brought back in to work slowly for the rest of the year.
The basis of his diet was therefore forage with a small amount of a different brand horse and pony cubes.
Over the next couple of years, as Lucy and Rain started to train and compete at B.E., and as his training continued it became clear that Rain could sometimes have a very changeable personality, and could light up at the most unexpected moments.
He had always been a “good-doer”, so his body condition and his temperament led to his diet continuing on the plane of good forage with a small amount of horse and pony cubes.
At the start of 2013, Lucy was advised by Jim Boyle’s Ex-Racehorses to get in touch with Saracen to talk through his diet as they were concerned that whilst helping to keep 6 year old Rain’s temperament on an even keel by feeding a small amount of simple cubes, they were aware that he would not be getting adequate vitamins and trace minerals for the level of work that was expected of him.
After an in depth visit, Lucy and Thoroughbred Specialist Clare Aitkenhead found that whilst the 532kg RainMunstead 006 looked in super condition, he was indeed lacking essential vitamins and trace minerals within the current diet he was on. Although Rain could on occasions be slightly tired at the end of a cross country session, Lucy did not want to increase the energy in the ration due to his tricky temperament, and was aware of his ability to gain weight.
Rather than increasing the energy in his diet, or changing the type of feed he was on, Rain was swapped from his current brand of horse and pony cubes, to Saracen’s Horse and Pony Cooling Pencils at 1.5kg per day, adding in 500g of Essential Balancer to balance the ration.
As he was stabled for several hours a day, Rain would still receive 11kg of good quality hay per day and 0.5kg AlfaA and 0.36kg Readigrass to ensure he was receiving adequate forage.
Munstead 040
After a couple of B.E. 90 events where Rain’s temperament was happily un-affected, the Saracen Horse & Pony Cooling Pencils were increased to 2.25kg per day, to enable Rain to finish his cross country sections with a bit more left in the tank. The extra calories have not increased Rain’s body condition score, and on advice from Clare, Lucy has been feeding more AlfaA which has helped to tighten Rain’s stomach.
Lucy is delighted with the results and we wish her the best of luck for the remainder of the season.
JimBoyleLogoJim Boyle Ex-Rachorses does exactly as the name suggests - they are a Racing Yard located on Epsom Downs with a re-homing policy. Pippa Boyle works very hard to re-home Thoroughbreds retired from racing into suitable homes.
Please visit and "like" their facebook page to keep up with these wonderful and talented ex-racehorses, and get a glimpse of the fun in owning an ex-racehorse, whatever their new career may be from competition horses, pony club ponies or active leisure riding horses.