• Horses in work, to upgrade the nutrients in their existing ration
  • Mature horses being maintained on forage only diets that require a high quality source of proteins
  • Fast growing foals, to control weight gain and growth rates
  • Yearlings through to full maturity
  • Barren mares & broodmares, after weaning


  • Supports muscle tone, repair and topline
  • Supports normal immune function and energy release
  • Includes a blend of yeast cultures to support digestion
  • Includes dense antioxidant support
  • Supports optimum skeletal development and strength
  • Ensures provision of essential minerals to broodmares


0 #3 Tina Ross-Gower 2017-10-25 06:29
I sought advice from the nutritionist at my local Lillico store for my two 6 month old shetlands. I had never had weanlings before and was concerned that they had to have adequate vitamins and minerals to ensure growth but not become overweight. They recommended Stamm 30 and I have never looked back, it's fabulous. It' gives me peace of mind that my babies are getting everything they need, shiny coats but not getting fat! Thank you Saracen, I am one happy owner :-)
0 #2 Alex Hardwick 2017-09-07 08:30
I love Stamm 30! It gives me total peace of mind that my horses are getting the best in essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and yeast to make a full and
complete feed. Shiny coats and happy horses.
+4 #1 Tracy Caldwell 2014-08-11 10:36
My young dressage horse needed to gain more condition. After a visit from Sharron Harrington at Saracen, I started to feed him Stamm 30 and he soon started to develop more top line, more shine to his coat and generally look better.
A great product!

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