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Digestive Health & hindgut support


  • Horses on high-cereal diets, or grazing lush pasture
  • Horses with a poor appetite, decreased feed intake or weight loss
  • Horses with loose droppings that may be strong smelling
  • Horses with unexplainable behavioural problems, such as wood chewing, weaving or box walking


  • Targeted delivery of sodium bicarbonate to the hindgut
  • Stabilises hindgut pH
  • May improve feed efficiency through effective hindgut function

Detailed Description

EquiShure® is a unique supplement shown to help to maintain a normal pH in the horse’s hindgut, particularly in horses receiving diets with a high cereal inclusion.

EquiShure® acts as a time-released hindgut buffer, by supplying an encapsulated source of sodium bicarbonate to the colon and caecum. EquiShure® can be used to help maintain a normal pH during the intense periods of a stressful competitive season, or when travelling, or at any time when there is a greater reliance on high starch and cereal diets without adequate levels of forage. At-risk horses often express one or more signs that can reduce athletic performance, growth or reproductive potential, such as loss of appetite, digestive discomfort, wood chewing and other stereotypies, with concomitant loss of performance.

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